"Individual training, brought to the


Training and supervision:
A guarantee of success for private and company specific training.

Our courses are thematically to the needs of people voted to be trained. In a preliminary discussion of the curriculum which will be developed together to ensure maximum learning content.

Our training courses for senior citizens

No one should be persuaded, or persuade himself that he / she was too old to deal with a modern computer. E-Mails search in Internet for information`s, or talk for free with the dear relatives who may live halfway around the world that are just a few examples of what is now easy to master for people of all ages. Today's technology is much easier to use than even few years before. The Internet has become a mass medium that can deal more easily with the older people than they may think. We conduct all our training in the neighbourhood. Whether at home, in senior centre or in our office, the participants themselves determine the learning units which are adjusted so that no one must fear it would be too difficult to understand or even exhausting. The pace and content are the participants. We recommend individual training, but also small groups are possible. Do not have a PC/Laptop, New or used one? No problem! We advise you without obligation for you to find the right equipment!



Easy learning - Children Training

We offer specially tailored courses. Starting at the kindergarten, we can bring in small groups closer to the medium of the computer playfully. Painting with Painting with a treasure map and decorate, write with Office/Word an invitation card and format to create a T-shirt label, create PowerPoint presentation with effects and sounds and learn to know the internet, you learn all in the computer-based science courses.

Our Courses:
Introduction to Windows

• Basic functions of the operating system to know
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Word application in Windows
• Working with text
• Insert and edit images from clip art and frames
• To create and share yourself Business cards or

What does my child on the Internet?

Blogging, twittering, chattering-media literacy in the seminars is explained and illustrated these issues directly through their own trial and clear.



Workshop Microsoft Office

We would like to deepen your Office knowledge meaningful in Microsoft Office basics? Using practical examples, you learn Word, Excel and PowerPoint used optimally.

Topics include:

• Document templates
• Headers and footers
• Styles
• Business Cards
• Graphic design options
• Create tables and edit
• Create Excel spreadsheets, edit
• PowerPoint presentation
• Create data import, data export

Export is focused on the participant’s questions and there is plenty of time to specific issues required to work through thoroughly. We offer our training courses and seminars both in German and in English.
It focuses on the participants questions and there is plenty of time to work through specific issues as needed depth.